Understanding & Implementing Culture in the Workplace

The Oakley Group

March 28, 2023

Corporate culture is the values and behaviors that determine a company’s impact for both employees and clients. It develops organically over time by the collective traits and performance of the people that are hired.

In the 1980’s, the term “corporate culture” became popular to describe the character of a company. This is reflected in all aspects of operations, including its treatment of employees and clients, hiring decisions, client satisfaction, as well as, office layout, dress code, business hours and benefit packages. It can also be molded by national traditions, company size and economic trends.

During our research of what the ideal corporate culture is we’ve found that most employees want an environment that promotes diversity, collaboration and continued education. When employees receive feedback and are recognized and encouraged they are able to perform to the standard of the companies mission. Establishing a clear set of values while striving for improvement is important for each company. How can you drive your company toward an ideal culture? One way to start is by implementing employee and client engagement surveys. The Oakley Group team is prepared to assist you and your company achieve your ideal corporate culture.

Our culture is in our tagline – Always Loyal. Forever Valued. This goes for our clients as well as our team. We build relationships based on how they buy-in to our value system. The Oakley Group is a family who values integrity, loyalty, openness, friendliness, teamwork, transparency, and communication. The Oakley Group was named and branded after Alyssa’s dog, Oakley, he was our loyal mascot who brought a calming presence to the team’s work environment. For us to maintain this initiative, every new decision that our team makes is with our culture in the forefront of those plans.

Ideally, corporate culture represents the core values of a company’s philosophy and practice expressed through day-to-day decisions and operations.

What is your company’s corporate culture vs. your ideal corporate culture? Let us know in the comments.


The Oakley Group

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